Crazy Homeboys
Based in Madrid, Spain

Release date:
September 2018



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'Wring and Smash' is a new perspective from the traditional tower defenses. The main objective is to attack the enemies with a cartoon style and funny ways to do it with a lot of crazy animations.


Natural resources are becoming scarce. The goverment is taking measure, looking from new ways of getting energy of their machines. One of the investigations is led by Doctor Lianin, with the cooperation of the nearby villagers, whose ways of living have 3 main essential pillars: drink, shoot and sleep. The investigation of the Doctor has targeted the animals of the world, after discovering that the guts of the creatures transmit an energy capable of powering the machines he invents. The animals without any other choice but defend their land will attack constantly against their machines, trying to erradicate the Doctor's and the villagers plan.


  • Unique cartoon art style.
  • There are lots of defensive options with clamps, tower defenses and all kind of comic stuff you can imagine.
  • Colorfull dinamic UI.


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About Crazy Homeboys

Crazy Homeboys is a Spanish Indie Development Game Team located in Madrid by 3 game developers trying to express funny ideas in our first game Wring and Smash.

More information
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Wring and Smash Credits

Fernando Labarta Martín
Programmer, Game Designer, 3D and Animator

Ignacio Mª Muñoz Márquez
Programmer and Game Designer

Sergio Hernández Alcelay
UI/UX 2D, 3D and Web Developer

Diego Manzano Alonso
Game Designer